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The Christian life was never meant to be lived alone. Ohana Groups give you a place to be around other Christians who are in the race with you and to encourage and strengthen you.

Ages 18-29

Building strong relationships together in the early years of marriage.

Led by Jason and Noelle Sanbeck

Ages 30-49

Navigating the challenges for couples in the 2nd mile of their relationship.

Led by Recardo and Jennifer Grady

Ages 50-Up

Helping couples to stay faithful to the Lord in the fourth quarter of life together.

Led by Jon and Pearl Brandt

Ages 18-35

Providing a place for young singles to connect together through Bible study, fellowship, and activities.

Led by Caleb and Jensine Surface

Ages 30-Up

Learning to be the men of God that He has called us to be.

Ages 35-Up

Learning to be the women of God that He has called us to be.

Led by Diane Surface

All ages

A place to gather together with others that share your cultural Heritage.

Led by Andy and Marissa dela Cruz

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