There are seven billion people on this planet. If we are going to reach the world with the Gospel, we will need to make an impact for Christ.

This web page will help you to get to know our missionaries and how you can impact their lives and their ministries through prayer and giving. Take time to read about each missionary that we support. Email them a personal note. Introduce yourself. Ask questions. Be an encouragement to them. Pray about what God would have you to give. Make an impact!

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Al & Rosalie Anger

Although the Angers are officially retired from full-time mission work, they continue to serve the Lord in local church and prison ministries. Pastor and Mrs. Anger are Ohana’s spiritual grandparents. Pastor Wayne served under them for 5 years learning how to do the work of the ministry. Ohana would not be here without their help and guidance.

Location: Military 



David & Terrie Azzarello

David was born in San Jose, California and raised in a Catholic home.  In 1985, when he was 29, he became a born again Christian.  Three years later he surrendered his life to the ministry.  David served as an assistant pastor for ten years before taking his first pastorate.  He served as pastor for nearly ten years.  In 2008 God burdened his heart to plant churches. Together with his wife of 36 years, Terrie, their mission is to plant churches in California.  In the last five years, God has used the Azarellos to plant three churches in Central California while David was pastoring the first church plant.  As of last year, David was led to resign the pastorate and focus solely on church planting.  Their plan is to plant several churches per year, installing a permanent pastor and chartering the church before moving to the next city.

Location: USA




David’s Facebook | Terrie’s Facebook

Todd & Kathy Beaman

Todd and Kathy were both raised in Christian homes and saved at a young age.  The two met at Bob Jones University and married in the summer of 1993.  The next year they graduated from Bob Jones University, Todd with a degree in Bible and Kathy in elementary education.  They have four grown children.  The Beamans served for ten years in youth and Christian School ministries in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Vermont.  It was in Vermont that God called them into full-time missions.  In August 2007 the Beamans made their way to Zambia and headed a church plant in the city of Ndola in the Copperbelt Province. In 2011 they moved to the Eastern Province of Zambia and began plans for a rural church plant. They first began by getting to know the language and the culture.  In September 2013 they started work in the village of Chijayezo and the next year the church buildings were completed for Calvary Baptist Church.  The Beamans have also planted churches in the villages of Mizeck and Muma.  Along with discipleship courses, the Beamans also help with community projects such as a literacy program, a first-aid station, and wells for drinking water in the villages.  Todd and Kathy would like to reach farther into the bush to reach the numerous villages in need of the Gospel.

Location: Zambia is a landlocked country in south-central Africa.  Some of its borders include the Congo, Angola, Zimbabwe, and Malawi.  Zambia is the home of “The Smoke that Thunders” or Victoria Falls, which is the largest waterfall in the world.  The capital city is Lusaka and most of the total 16.5 million population centers around it and the Copperbelt Province in the northwest. Some of the temporal problems the people face are poverty, disease, lack of education and literacy, witchcraft, polygamy, and alcoholism.



Todd’s Facebook | Kathy’s Facebook

Pastor Todd Beaman
Po Box 510151
Chipata, Zambia


  • Todd – 8/1/71
  • Kathy – 4/14/71
    • Anniversary – 7/31/93
  • Andrew – 4/6/95
  • Isaac – 10/2/96
  • Emily – 3/11/99
  • Paul – 12/29/00


Matt & Katie Brunk

Matt was raised in a Christian home and at the age of twelve accepted Christ as his savior.  A short time later he felt God calling him into the mission field, specifically in Hawaii.  Katie is also from a Christian home and was saved at a young age.  She also felt God calling her toward missions as a young teen.  Obeying this calling, Matt and Katie attended West Coast Baptist College.  During his time at West Coast, Matt met Pastor Surface and was able to intern here at Ohana Baptist Church.  Matt and Katie met in college and were married in 2014.  They have one daughter: Leilani- 2.  Shortly after graduating with a degree in Missions, Matt became the youth pastor here at Ohana for five years.  In 2016 the Brunks began to consider Maui for a church plant.  They are currently on deputation.  Their desire is to reach the people of Maui with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Location: Maui has a population of over 140 thousand people.  55% of those claim no religious affiliation and 23% are Catholic.  There are currently only 2 Independent Baptist churches in all of Maui.





Matt’s Facebook | Katie’s Facebook


  • Matt – 11/23/90
  • Katie – 4/12/93
    • Anniversary – 6/7/14
  • Leilani – 2/23/16
Jim & Emi Civale

Jim Civale accepted Jesus Christ as his savior after a life of devout Roman Catholicism. Jim had initially left New Jersey to go to American Samoa in 1989 to join the Jesuit Priesthood but had met Emi and the two decided to marry. They now have four children and two grandchildren. Jim’s initial aid in finding salvation was when his brother rejected Catholicism. His brother pointed him to the Bible and told him that all the reason to reject Catholicism was there in black and white. Jim took this as a challenge to prove to his brother that he was gravely mistaken.  For the next six months, Jim used his brother’s own KJV Bible to build his case.  Instead, what he found caused him to question certain inconsistencies in his own faith.  During this time, he also received a tract from a pastor at an airport and weekly was drawn to watch a Bible preaching sermon on television. At length, on Christmas day in 1996, he finally surrendered his life to Christ.  His wife, Emi, who was also a devout Catholic and had earlier considered becoming a nun, received true salvation six months later.  The two were attending the church of the same pastor who had given Jim a tract half a year earlier.  A short time later that pastor left the islands and the Civales restarted the church in their living room and renamed it Vai o le Ola (Living Waters) Baptist Church.  For eleven years the church grew from twelve to more than seventy members.  They have since planted a second church, Asau Baptist Church, in Independent Samoa.  They also operate a preschool, primary school, and Bible Institute as well as their work on the Samoan Bible Project.  Most recently, in response to American Samoa’s fast-growing drug problem, the Civales would like to start an RU program, which is a drug-addiction recovery initiative. 

Location: Samoa and American Samoa are separated by the International Date Line in the Pacific Ocean located between Hawaii and New Zealand.  The two countries share the same language and culture but have many differences.  American Samoa consists of five main islands and two atolls.  The largest and most populous island is Tutuila.  The population of American Samoa is over 55 thousand.  It is an unincorporated territory of the United States.  Independent Samoa is less developed and more populous.  It consists of two main islands, Savai’I and Upolu.  There are also four smaller islands.  Samoa’s population is just under 200 thousand. 





Jim’s Facebook

Maui Jim Civale
Asau Village Post Office
Asau, Savaii, Samoa


  • Jim – 6/15
  • Emi – 3/9
    • Anniversary – 12/29/90
Jody & Terry Colson

The Colsons began their missionary work in Hawaii.  They became acquainted with many Chuukese through their work at church.  One of the men invited them to go to Chuuk with him to witness to his family.  On that first trip to Chuuk they were able to lead 60 people to the Lord on the island of Pulawat and God burdened their hearts to return and minister to the people of Chuuk.  The Colsons moved to Chuuk in 1997 and began Bible Baptist Church in the center of the main island of Weno.  Jody serves as the pastor.  They have three adult children: Alisha, Andrea, and Matthew.  Andrea was married in late 2018 and now living in Indiana.  Alisha and Matthew both serve as independent missionaries in Chuuk.  God has provided them with a radio station ministry and they are able to reach out to the outer islands.

Location: The Federated States of Micronesia is an independent republic in the Western Pacific Ocean comprised of four states: Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei, and Kosrae.  Chuuk State (also known as Truk) consists of several island groups.  Chuuk is the most populous state of the FSM with 50,000 people over 46 square miles.  Most of the population of Chuuk lives in Chuuk Lagoon.  Weno Island in the Lagoon is the state capital and FSM’s biggest city. The outer islands of Chuuk State are more sparsely populated.  The people of Chuuk are about 50 percent Protestant and 50 percent Catholic.  There are very few Baptist churches in the islands.




P.O. Box 819
Chuuk, FM 96942


  • Jody – 6/16
  • Terry – 9/25
    • Anniversary- 1/22/80
  • Alisha – 5/12
  • Andrea – 6/25
  • Matthew – 4/13
Dalton & Norma Heath

Dalton Heath and his wife Norma have been faithful servants to the Lord during their lifetimes. They have worked in many varied fields of service during 50 years of missionary ministry.  Some of their service includes work in Liberia, West Africa, Micronesia, Guam, Hawaii, and assisting missionaries through WWNTBM.  The two also served at Ohana for a little over a year working with the Pacific Islands Ministry.  Dalton and Norma are currently still working with WWNTBM in service of recruitment of missionaries and helping with crucial needs on the field.

World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions (WWNTBM) is a mission service agency getting missionaries to the field.  Their ministry is to maintain a mission agency that promotes the work of missions through presenting needy fields, surveying new fields, enlisting laborers, and assisting missionaries on deputation and on the field.  They assist over 90 missionaries in more than 40 countries around the world.



252-514-6761 | Cell: 704-674-8268

234 Willis Road
Cove City, NC 28523


  • Dalton – 2/21/38
  • Norma – 8/28/36
  • Anniversary – 8/19/62
Marlon & Kareen Jumawan

The Jumawan family are missionaries to Toledo City, Philippines.  Marlon and Kareen have two children: Mequia-14 and Miah-6.  The Jumawans arrived in Toledo City on November 19, 2018.  In this short amount of time the ministry is growing greatly.  There are now six Saturday outreaches or Bible Clubs averaging 120 kids per week.  There were also 73 salvations through soul winning in just one month.  The Jumawans are also conducting many home bible studies each week with the intent to eventually bring those individuals to church.  The current meeting location, which is being rented, is nearing capactity and the Jumawans are asking for prayers for a bigger meeting place.  They are currently raising funds for a new church property.

Location: The Philippines is a country of archipelagos with a population of over 100 million.  The island chain contains about 7,641 islands categorized into three main divisions: Luzan, Visayas, and Mindanao. The capital city is Manila on the island of Luzan.

Cebu is a province of the Philippines in the Visayas region which consists of the main island and 167 surrounding islands and islets.  The capital city is Cebu City, the oldest and first capital of the Philippines.  It is one of the most developed provinces in the Philippines and is a major hub for business processing services, tourism, shipping, furniture-making, and heavy industry. The City of Toledo is a 3rd class city in the province of Cebu known for its mining industry.  About 70 percent of the population of the Philippines is Roman Catholic.



Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church
Luray-I, D. Macapagal Hwy.
Toledo City, Cebu Philippines


Marlon’s Facebook | Kareen’s Facebook


  • Marlon – 4/2
  • Kareen – 2/2
  • Anniversary – 8/5
  • Mequia – 12/28/04
  • Miah – 6/12/12
Nathan & Ruth Kinoshita

Nathan is a graduate of West Coast Baptist College.  Ruth is the daughter of a native Japanese pastor.  They have three children: Charis- 15, Christopher-12, and Sarah- 10.  The Kinoshitas have planted City Baptist Church in the inner city of Tokyo, Japan.  The church is now in its tenth year.  Through the years God is continuing to grow the members of their church body.

Location: Japan is an island country in East Asia.  It is located east of the Asian continent and stretches from the Sea of Okhotsk to the East China Sea and the Philippine Sea.  The population is over 126 million with 98 percent being ethnic Japanese.  The capital city, Tokyo, has a population of 13.8 million.  Tokyo is the world’s most populous metropolitan city in the world.  About 91 percent of the population of Japan practice some form of Buddhism or Shinto.  Fewer than 3 percent of Japanese are Christian.



13-13 Kamiyamacho
Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0047 JAPAN


  • Nathan – 9/28
  • Ruth – 8/5
    • Anniversary – 7/13
  • Charis – 9/15/03
  • Christopher – 8/19/06
  • Sarah – 4/12/08
Jay & Tiffany Kopeap

Tiffany is from Hawaii. Her family has been good friends of Ohana for many years. She served in Papua New Guinea as a single nurse for 18 months before she met Jay. He is from the island. They are currently raising additional support to go back to serve in Papua New Guinea together.

Location: Papua New Guinea



Jay’s Facebook | Tiffany’s Facebook

Brian & Angela Kroll

The Krolls moved to the Big Island in 2014 to take over the church ministry that the Marasco’s started in the Hilo area. They have endured both hurricanes and volcanos over the past six years. They have two teenage daughters, Jenna & Abby.

Location: Big Island, HI



Brian’s Facebook | Angela’s Facebook


Frank & Jennie Maietta

Long-time members of Ohana know the Maiettas as the daughter and son-in-law of our former associate Pastor Pat Smith.  God has called Frank to return to his native Italy to reach his own people for Christ.  He has the advantage of speaking the language, understanding the culture, and having a dual-citizenship.  Frank and Jennie met at Ambassador Baptist College where Frank attended after having served as a US Marine. They have three children: Frankie, Jr- 15, Arianna- 14, and Katiana-13.  The family arrived in Italy in the winter of 2006.  They have planted a church in Grosseto, Italy.  Chiesa Biblica Battista Church was chartered in May 2008.  The focus now is to develop the church through evangelism, various ministries, and training leadership.  In addition, they are assisting in two other church plants- one in northern Italy and another in Pisa.

Location:  Italy is a country in Europe located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and includes the islands of Sicily and Sardinia.  It shares borders with France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia.  The territory of Italy covers some 116, 347 square miles.  The population is about 60.5 million.  The capital city is Rome, which for centuries was a political and religious center of Western civilization as the capital of the Roman Empire and the home of the Holy See. About 74 percent of the population is Roman Catholic, which is why Italy has long been considered a difficult location to plant a Baptist church.




c/o Gaetana Maietta
via Sovana #4
58100 Grosseto



  • Frank – 12/4/73
  • Jennie – 4/29/80
    • Anniversary – 7/28/01
  • Frankie – 7/19/03
  • Arianna – 8/5/04
  • Katiana – 12/13/05
Sam & Krista Marasco

Sam was born in Apple Valley, California but spent many years in Hawaii living with his step-father who is Hawaiian.  He was saved at age 9.  After attending West Coast Baptist College he felt God leading him to minister to the people of Hawaii and went to serve at Friendship Baptist Church in Ewa Beach.  He served there a year before moving to Hammond, Indiana to further his training.  It was here that he met and married his wife Krista.  They now have three boys: Sammy- 8, Karson- 6, and Kanaan- 4.  God next led them back to Hawaii to plant a church in Hilo.  Pacific Baptist Church was started in 2012 and has been growing since.  The Marascos were then led to help church planters across the country and were able to help 6 churches become established.  It is now their direction to come back to Hawaii and plant a church in central Oahu in 2019.

Location: Oahu has a population of over 950 thousand people. A majority 56% of those people have no religious affiliation and fewer than 2% identify as Independent Baptist.





91-702 Makalea Street #116
Ewa Beach, HI 96706

Sam’s Facebook | Krista’s Facebook


  • Sam – 3/12/77
  • Krista – 12/4/81
    • Anniversary – 6/18/05
  • Sammy – 11/17/10
  • Karson – 9/4/12
  • Kanaan – 2/15/15
  • Kyler – 7/29/19
Travis & Sarah Medeiros

Medeiros Family

Travis was raised in a Catholic home, but after attending Ko’olau Baptist Church and Academy he accepted Christ as his savior.  Sarah was raised in a Christian home and was saved as a child.  The two of them both attended West Coast Baptist College and met through a mutual friend.  At this time they both knew that God was preparing them for a life in the ministry.  Travis would spend the summers working at his home church.  In the summer of 2012, they were married and both started working at Ko’olau Baptist Church and Academy.  In the five years they have been there they have ministered to many in Hawaii through their work at the Christian school, children’s program, church media, and outreach.  They have been blessed with two children, Anna and James.  The Medeiros know that there are still many here on the island that needs to hear the Gospel and have plans to plant a church on Oahu.

Location: Oahu has a population of over 950 thousand people.  A majority of 56% of those people have no religious affiliation and fewer than 2% identify as Independent Baptist.






Ram Olanday

Ram has a Filipino background but grew up in Montreal, Canada in a Christian home.  He was saved in 2001 and God called him to preach at the age of twelve.  At a young age, he started a Filipino ministry with his family at Montreal Bible Baptist Church.  After high school, Ram helped church planting ministries establish churches in Edmonton and Alberta.  In 2015 he graduated from the Bible Institute and had the opportunity to be involved in many ministries in Canada and the United States.  The Lord prepared the way for Ram to begin ministry work on Molokai in many ways, including an already established church building by a previous church planter.  The church is now Bible Baptist Church of Molokai.  The church has recently been able to begin a building expansion for children’s Sunday School.  They still need more resources to finish that project.  Pastor Olanday and Bible Baptist Church have seen many souls won for Christ.  Many others are growing in the church and stepping up to serve.

Location: Molokai is more isolated and rural than Oahu.  In the past, the north end of the island was used as settlements for leper colonies.  Today there are not a lot of opportunities in Molokai. The unemployment rate is the highest in all of Hawaii and one-third of the over 7 thousand residents are on food stamps. Molokai is also very spiritually deprived.





PO Box 45
Maunaloa, HI 96770

Eli & Mari-lyn Schrock

Eli received his degree in Missions in 1997 and Mari-lyn graduated in 2001.  They were married in August 2001.  Both Eli and Mari-lyn were saved as children and raised in good Christian homes.  Eli is the fourth of nine children.  Eli and Mari-lyn have three children – Christopher-15, Nicole-14, and Angela-11. God called them to Cambodia in the fall of 2003.  In 2005 they were able to finish up their deputation by God’s grace and the following year God led their family back to Siem Reap to pastor the church there. The family has now served at Victory Baptist Church in Siem Reap, Cambodia for nearly 12 years.  It’s a blessing to see Cambodians turn from idolatry, false worship, and demonic traditions to serve the Living God! They have started a new Bible club on the opposite side of Siem Reap (Psar Kna—never been evangelized before) and hope to birth a future church plant.  Their desire is to reach the Khmer people of northern Cambodia with the Gospel.

Country: Cambodia is a country about the size of Missouri located in South-east Asia with a population of over 16 million people. It is bordered by Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and the Gulf of Thailand. Over 95 percent of the population identify as Buddhist. Khmer is the primary language with English and French also spoken in some areas.

Siem Reap lies at the north end of the Tonle Sap Lake in northwestern Cambodia.  The city is located just under 200 miles north of the capital Phnom Phen.  Siem Reap is the major tourist hub of Cambodia as it is the closest city to the “Angkor Wat” complex with its hundreds of temples.



GPO Box 93121
Siem Reap


  • Eli – 11/6
  • Mari-lyn – 10/26
    • Anniversary – 8/17/01
  • Christopher – 5/15/03
  • Nicole – 1/11/05
  • Angela – 11/20/07 


Micah Self

In 2012 Micah graduated from West Coast Baptist College. Since then, he has traveled the country and many parts of the world, including Malawi and India, sharing his love for Christ. He is continuing to travel the world sharing the gospel and has plans to serve full time in the 10/40 window

Location: 10/40 Window Countries




Rafael & Cara Soto

Rafael Soto was born in Kalihi, raised in Ewa Beach, and saved at the age of eleven. Pastor Soto & his wife served for two years at their home church, Friendship Baptist Church in Ewa, followed by five years at Heritage Baptist Church in Woodbridge, VA. In 2016 God directed them back to Hawaii to start Kai Point Baptist Church in Hawaii Kai.

Location: Hawaii Kai, HI



Rafael’s Facebook | Cara’s Facebook

Bob & Nalani Stevenson

The Stevensons are carpenters who since retiring here in Hawaii have traveled throughout the Pacific, South and Central America, and the United States working as missionary carpenters.  They have built churches, schools, and missionary houses and have used much of their own money to cover expenses.  They also teach, preach, and minister to the many people they meet along the way. The Stevensons have a close link with Ohana.  Bob supervised our last two major building projects, this building and our previous one.




PO Box 932
Naalehu, HI 96772


  • Bob – 10/4
  • Nalani – 4/8
    • Anniversary – 10/2
David & Jessica Vickers

David served in the US Navy on a submarine stationed at Pearl Harbor.  Although he attended and was active at Ohana Baptist Church, he had not yet fully committed his life to the Lord.  In a situation that could only be orchestrated by God involving a broken clavicle incurred at a church baseball game, he was excluded from his boat’s seven-month deployment at sea.  It was during this time that he fully surrendered his life to the Lord and then later committed to go to Thailand as a missionary.  After leaving the Navy, David attended Tri-State Baptist College where he met his wife Jessica.  They have four children: Joanna- 11, Lilian- 9, John-6, and Judson- 1.  They arrived in Thailand in 2012.  Together with the Sims family, the Vickers served at Khon Kaen Baptist Church.  They are now seeking to plant a new church in Thailand and are on deputation in the United States to raise support.  They have also partnered with Fundamental Baptist World-Wide Mission to work with their sending church to facilitate them while on the field.  They are currently on furlough and excited to return to Thailand.

Location: Thailand, formerly known as Siam, is a country located at the center of the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia.  It is bordered by Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia.  Thailand’s capital is Bangkok, which is also its largest city. The population of Thailand is almost 69 million.  About 75 percent of the population is ethnically Thai and Thai is the official language.  Almost 95 percent of the people are Buddhist and over 4 percent practice Islam.







David- 3/18

Jessica- 8/18

Anniversary- 6/10/05

Joanna- 7/26/07

Lilian- 3/27/09

John- 9/12/12

Judson- 4/30/17

Sara & Neaty Vong

Sara and Neaty were both born to Cambodian refugee families who moved to California.  On August 2, 1992, Sara was saved by Christ and baptized at Cambodian Baptist Church (now called Pacific Baptist Church).  Neaty was saved in a Sunday school class at the same church.  Sara’s family was Buddhist and God was able to use his testimony to reach many of his family members.  Sara and Neaty both graduated from Golden State Bible College, Sara with a degree in Pastoral Theology and Neaty in Elementary Education.  After college, the two married and they have been blessed with seven children.  In the nine years after college they served at their home church and among other services, Sara was the Cambodian Pastor.  While working with his own people, his heart was burdened for his people in his home country.  Sara believes that God saved him from the “Killing Fields” of Cambodia so that he could take the Gospel back to them.  They have been in Cambodia now for four years and in that time they have accomplished much.  The Vongs have planted three churches, started a Learning Center with plans to make it a Christian school, and acquired new church property.  They are asking for prayers and financial support to continue with the construction of new buildings on the new property.  In addition, for the past year and a half, they have also been ministering to the people in the village of Romdeng and have seen much progress and many souls won.

 Location: Cambodia is a country located in South-east Asia with a population of over 16 million people. It is bordered by Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and the Gulf of Thailand. Over 95 percent of the population identify as Buddhist. Khmer is the primary language with English and French also spoken in some areas.  In 1975, under the leadership of Pol Pot, the extreme Marxist Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia.  During this time one in eight of the population died through warfare, starvation, or execution.  The Khmer Rouge wanted to totally eliminate all religion killing 90 percent of Buddhist monks and most Christians.  The result was the vast “Killing Fields” where collectively more than a million people were killed and buried.  In 1978 the Khmer Rouge were knocked out of power by the Vietnamese army, but through civil war, they continued fighting guerilla warfare.   It wasn’t until 1998 that the Khmer Rouge finally surrendered. Consequently, over 58 percent of the population in Cambodia is under 25 years old.








  • Sara – 3/1
  • Neaty – 11/2/82
    • Anniversary – 7/3/04
  • Titus – 3/27/05
  • Tyler – 11/18/06
  • Lydia – 10/13/08
  • Thaddeus – 7/5/11
  • Timothy – 8/13/13
  • Lois – 4/22/16
  • Lara – 10/16/17