Bring your family to four Christmas events

starting on December 17.

Believe Musical Presentation

December 17 at 8:30 AM & 10:30 AM

Join us as our choir and orchestra share inspiring music celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and how it changed everything.

Children's Christmas

December 17 at 6:00 PM

Kids will have the opportunity to sing carols, give a Christmas gift to Jesus, and hear the Christmas story read to them in a fun family setting.

Ohana Christmas

December 24 at 10:00 AM

Join the family as we celebrate together the birth of Christ. Come a little early to join us for some hot drinks and Christmas cookies.

Ohana Christmas

December 24 at 6:00 PM

Reflect with us on the coming of Jesus through carols and candlelight at our Christmas Eve service.

Christmas with Ohana

Christmas involves so many great traditions—decorations, gift giving, family celebrations. In the midst of your holiday preparations, why not take the time to reflect on the true joy this season brings?

It began that very first Christmas, when God sent His only Son, Jesus, as His free gift to all humankind. That night, a King was born, conceived in the womb of a virgin. But why was He born?

He was born to die. Jesus died for our sins past, present, and future. He provided our righteousness and took away God’s wrath. Why? So anyone, anywhere, at any time can turn from their sins and put their faith in Him, the true King. When you receive God’s gift, He gives you eternal life and true joy!

This Christmas at Ohana Baptist Church, you’ll find meaningful services, familiar music, and friendly children’s programs. You’ll also find a family who loves you, so bring your family and celebrate God’s gift with us!